Thursday, April 1, 2004

I'm in some post-apocalyptic, Gaza Strip/Beirut-type town. I'm sitting at a wooden picnic table with a half-naked brown boy and we're watching a small TV set. On the TV, there's an icon of the globe that is mostly light blue, brightest around the equator, and the slightly darker above and below that area. The poles themselves are purple, but those areas are receding and becoming blue. Soon, the whole globe is two shades of blue. Voices on the television explain that this is a real-time representation of the US's control over the world, and that we are watching the exact moment that the US basically gained control of the whole world. The little boy gets up and runs away.

I go into a nearby mall with a few friends. We are walking around trying to find a place to smoke a joint when this big, slow kid comes up and wants to follow us. We're not sure if we should let him see us smoke this joint, or if it's even cool to do that in this mall, so we step out on a balcony. The mall has people in it but it's not very crowded for a mall.

My friends, the big slow kid, and I -- I think there are 4 of us total --- are rushed out of the mall abruptly and suddenly find ourselves far from the mall, near a little camp of teepees under a steep embankment in the desert. A group of 8-9 people are here, and they are dressed very strangely-- kind of Mad Max, but they are all very conservative-looking, older people. Moms and dads. Their leader is the father of the slow kid. He tells me we are going to eat the slow kid because he is the fattest and will feed the most of us.