Thursday, April 22, 2004

I'm in somebody else's house, and I get a frantic call on my cell phone. My friend Melanie went to go pick up her brother, Divine, from jail, but got busted by the cops on the way and now she's in jail and needs me to come get her. I ask about what's going to happen to Divine. Divine just called Kevin Coelho and some other guy named Ryan who I have never met but think that I've heard of to come get him. I ask Melanie what those guys don't just pick her up, too, and she says Divine didn't tell them she was in jail now, which is so like Divine. It's really late and I don't like the idea of driving out in my car to some jail somewhere, but I guess I have to do it so I ask where it is, and she says western New York. I don't remember how the conversation ends but I never actually get to the jail.

Instead, sometime later, I'm in my parents' kitchen with Lucianne. I can't figure out why there are so many people in my parents' house. Lucianne says we're going to go to the Imax and have breakfast there tomorrow morning, on her, and asks me if I think their breakfast will have enough chocolate in it.