Tuesday, April 13, 2004

There's a really tall buidling with sandstone-ish sides in the middle of the desert, with a couple of buildings like it around, but clearly a good drive from civilization. There's a bookstore near the top of one of these buildings, although I believe the rest are empty, almost like primitive parking garages. The bookstore is very, very modern though. I work here. There's a big field trip of my school that is here now as well, all these high school seniors and most of their parents, as well. Somehow, I am both in school and subject to the authority of the teachers, and also at my separate job here at the bookstore, where I have a boss. Some parent of some popular girl has a problem with me and keeps trying to tell my boss I should be fired. I am definitely goofing around but apparently I'm so well liked by the bookstore staff and customers that it is understood I have a lot of leeway. There are cars up in the building, in special rooms. Not many of them, and I can only find one. And it's mostly taken apart, as I assume all of them to be.