Friday, April 23, 2004

I'm going on tour with Atmosphere. Slug and I are hanging out at my grandma's old house getting ready. Somehow I have accidentally asked my sister and parents to come with me and they're really excited about it. The tour is four weeks long and I think my family is going to come for four weeks. I rented a little four-door car. Turns out Kevin Coelho is tour managing for Slug, too, and he's not bringing a DJ or anybody else. While we're packing the car, Kevin comes to me with an acoustic guitar and asks me to show him how to play "My Head" so that Atmosphere can cover it at some of the shows. I figure it out again faster than I thought I would be able to, but I'm puzzled as to why he would cover a track of mine. I'm really pumped to play the new material live for big crowds but I'm really worried about my parents. For some reason I can't bring myself to tell them they can't come. I start thinking about all the ways tour would be different with parents along. I try to console myself thinking it's only for 2 weeks but inside I know that is really a long-ass time when you're on tour.

Later I'm in this bus for some reason, a school bus, riding around Manor Road, on the other side of Sweet Air, down where it's all wooded. The end of my old bus route in high school and middle school. There's some weird shit going on down there, and we're moving along at Disney-ride pace through big bales of hay and construction of some fair-type shit. We're driving on the grass. Me and the other kids in the back of the bus are playing this game where we spot somebody we know's house and then sing a tune using just that person's name. When somebody else sees a house they know, they jump in doing maybe a different instrument (with their mouth) using the name of the person who lives in THAT house. I am prepping to bust out with a 8 or 9 name mouth-guitar-solo as soon as we get a little closer to where Steve Will, Steve Oppitz, Justin Hebbel, Katie Sauerwein, Julie Iltis, and some other kids who rode my bus in middle school live.