Thursday, April 29, 2004

I'm at this compound/ghost-town that's kind of similar to Camber Sands, where ATP took place, but it's way older, the buildings are bigger and farther apart (you'd have to drive to get to some of them) and it's more remote-- the immediate landscape is sparse and after only a mile or two drops off completely into wasteland. There is no festival going on, nothing going on-- it is the off-season. But I am here along with a handful of people I don't know. Somebody is after somebody else for shoplifting.

In a the building of a large, empty bar that has no electricity available right now, me and some girl push a set of closed double doors at the back wall and and find a whole entire secret restaurant on the back of the building.

I smoke this secret joint and exhale smoke that turns from blood red to purple before dissipating. Loud trumpets start playing behind me and I open the sliding-glass door that leads out to the deck. There's no deck there, though, it just drops off into the back yard. I open the door but close the curtain in front of it and sunlight peeks through the sides and the bottom of the curtain. It's bright daylight outside but I didn't know that because it's so dark in this building and I haven't left it for a while. There's kind of a latent "survival horror" vibe to the whole scene. I'm not sure if the girl is still in this secret room. I kneel down in front of the closed curtain and jack off.