Friday, April 2, 2004

I'm at a basement show, it's a very important one, there are lots of bands playing. When I arrive, Chris Freeland is playing a set. He's playing drums and the bassist of Lightning Bolt is trying to play bass, but one of his pedals isn't working. I am holding my laptop, which I feel sketchy about, because I want to go watch the show up close but I don't want my laptop to get dropped or smashed, so I go set it down on top of a speaker. When I get back to where Chris and the guy from Lightning Bolt are playing, I am surprised at how close I am able to get to them. I can totally see their hands and everything. The problem with the pedal is not getting better, though, so I don't get to see much before they stop to try and fix it. Then I get worried about my laptop and go look for it. I pick it up and it makes a weird noise, which worries me, so I turn it on. When it comes on, the screen isn't very clear, and I don't recognize what's on the desktop. Then I realize it's too small to be my laptop, which is relief because at least it means mine isn't broken. I look around to see who might have picked up my laptop and I realize there are a lot of kids with dark, stringy hair and glasses here that are looking at laptops.

Sometime later I'm in a Spanish class. There is a video being played that has young people running around a city in Spain smiling and doing things. I think to myself, "This is a trippy video, I wish I could watch this when I was high," and then I realize that I'm in a high school so it shouldn't be hard to find somebody that has weed or mushrooms. The teacher, who is a young-ish, blonde woman, starts asking people to use these Spanish vocabulary words that are on a ditto in sentences. The video is still playing and the lights are out, but she's calling on people to use these words. I look down and figure out that my word will be "Somomoosh," so I think up a sentence with that word in it. When she calls on me, I say, "Somomoosh en el asiento abajo de me automobile," and she tells me I am correct.