Monday, March 29, 2004

Nice Nice & I are driving across the roofs of 5- and 6-story parking garages in a small town that we are playing in. The van shoots over the side of one roof and comes crunching down on the next one. At some point, we find that there's a big wall on the far side of this one parking garage, so we can't keep driving on roofs. We go to the bottom hoping that it won't matter that we don't have some ticket or something to exit.

We go to a hardware store and are looking around the aisles --- I think one of us is peeing or something. I run into Andy Devos, who is happy to see me. He is my friend from childhood that I met at Beachmont Christian Camp (BCC) and started my first band ever with. He says he has something serious to ask me, and in the middle of asking, he says, very casually, "Are you black?" to this old, small man of indeterminate race who happens to walk by us at that moment. The old man, who has a light brown hat on, like the kind of hat a taxi driver might wear, he looks very perplexed and says softly, "Excuse me?" and Andy says, completely calmly, "Oh, I was talking to my friend about a girl." The old man steps away very confused, and Andy smiles at me.