Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I didn't want to leave him there, but it's hard to think clearly when actual zombies are rolling up the hill and clearly psyched with bloodlust. So after a short, quiet protest, I ended up taking off alongside my sister into the woods. There was no other way to go but into the woods.

Somehow, my dad made it away, too. Later on he found us with a group of other people who had made it away from that first zombie attack. It was obvious all of us were a hair's breadth from total mental breakdowns, but standing around a bunch of strangers had the helpful effect of forcing everybody to keep at least a modicum of sanity and coherence. We walked together until and the braver ones among us talked, they tried to figure out where we should go without mentioning the fact that we were fleeing from the undead.

Eventually, we came upon a bunch of abandoned structures in a clearing. They were all different sizes, all some kind of cross between a water tower and a cabin. Everybody seemed a lot calmer, and so we separated a bit to explore. Some people went swimming in a pool that was there, and then people actually started laughing. There was one woman who had a blue button-down shirt on, and she unbuttoned it all the way so her tits were free. And she just ran like that, ran in a straight line through all the buildings, with a smile on her face. Maybe she had been waiting to do something like that all her life. There was another woman who was in the pool and it was obvious that her skin was slowly turning bright blue. Otherwise, she seemed fine, though, so nobody said anything.

The next time I saw the tits-out woman, I didn't realize that she had changed. She looked almost exactly the same, and her blue shirt was still hanging off her arms. But as she got closer, I saw that her face was different.