Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'm at a college that is made up of a lot of buildings in the middle of a city. These are not college-y buildings, they're like buildings that would have been there anyway. I don't know where classes occur or what they look like, but I walk through an alley where a bunch of other kids are and go into an old coffee shop-ish place. There are kids in there. Is this a class? Is this just a coffee shop? The kids behind the bar are obviously students. Are they in class right now? I don't know. I talk about the music that is playing with some girls that are sitting at a table. I get a call on my cell from Stefan Constanstinidis, a tiny kid that went to my middle school and was friends with my friend Bill, who was not a full-on bully, but close. A total hellraiser and frequently suspended. His friendship with this tiny kid who sometimes cried confounded me, I think it went back to diaper-days. But in any case, I barely talked to this kid back then, but his name is now flashing on my cell phone, which means I have put his number in here and maybe called him before. I answer it in a funny voice, like I would do to a good friend.

Stefan asks what I'm doing. I tell him that me and some other kid (who I can't remember anymore) are going to go mini-golfing with these high school girls. In my head, I know this is trouble, but I don't know how to get out of it, and I'm not sure that I want to get out of it. Stefan says he and Andy DeVos, my best friend from middle school who was older and did not go to the same school as me (and the most devout religious person I have ever known) are playing video games and they don't think going to Sports (Where the Summer Never Ends!) to play indoor mini-golf with high school girls sounds fun or smart. I laugh and Stefan laughs and I tell them that maybe I'll be able to get out of it and call them up.

The coffee shop has really high ceilings, and the floors are old wooden boards. All the tables and everything seems old, like the stuff you'd find in a really old warehouse. In fact, this could just be the smallest room of a warehouse with walls in it.