Sunday, February 29, 2004

Kevin, Geoff, and I are at a lavish college campus of some sort. I don't think we go there. There's a lot of summer-y activities going on, people are swimming and jet-skiing in a river. Geoff is really gung-ho to raise some hell. We're waiting in a long line of cars when I see a car deliberately drive off of a wooden bridge into the river. Then another car does it. For some reason, Geoff pulls the truck we're riding in into the water as well. All the cars in the river are floating. Geoff tells me it will be easy to get the car out of the river at night when they drain most of the river. I point out that there are security guards who will see us driving on the campus grass if we do this, but agree that it might be possible to sneak past them. After we get out of the water, we go to a Walgreen's. Geoff acts hyper. I don't think Kevin says anything at all.

Later on, I'm on a cruise. I have a room with huge cardboard boxes containing everything I own, which is mostly all my music gear. Some woman tries to move my boxes around and I tell her I need to keep them where they are. There is a girl on the boat I have to talk to because I want to marry her, but the boat is really big.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Some kind of seminar or assembly demonstrating a plan involving superheroes with superpowers. Some mad genius-type of guy, bald and creepy, shows a crowd of young people using some kind of immersive, super-virtual-reality technique, a plan to beat some bad guy with a team of superheroes. We are all skeptical. Also, it feels like nobody is there out of there own choosing--- it feels like a school requirement, although there's no explicit mention of school. As we leave, I argue with Scott Gould, my elementary school friend, over the plausibility of the genius guy's plan. In the parking lot, a hick family in a beat-up truck almost hit another hick in his beat-up car because they are in a huge hurry.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'm at a big party at somebody's rich parents' house—probably my friend Jakob's parents, although these parents are not divorced, and not the same parents he introduced me to before. There's a big meal around a table that I'm somehow unprepared for, it's unclear exactly how I'm unprepared, but I'm nervous about being there. Also, more and more people I know are revealed to be at this party, and I'm kind of worried about who I'm going to bump into next. Everybody that's there is the same age as they are now in real life, but there's the whole atmosphere and the dynamics of a party for little kids. I run into Jakob's "dad," who looks like a sloppier, heavier Drew Carey, and I really don't want to talk to him but he asks me why I'm avoiding walking through some living room of this giant house, even though it's clear I'm trying to avoid seeing/talking to Jakob's decrepit old "grandma" that might be in there. I'm trying to find Jakob's sister, who is the only relative of his here that bears a resemblance to their waking counterpart. I want to talk to her but I don't want this father to think I am trying to get with her. When I find her, she says she's really tired and is going to take a nap. She doesn't seem to mind that I follow her to her room, though, which is on the lowest level of the house and down a really long hall. One wall of the room is made of glass and looks into another room about twice the height and depth, which is clearly made for animals to live in. There's trees in there and piles of hay on the ground. Some housekeeper-looking women are cleaning this zoo-room with regular vacuums, and they occasionally watch us while I sit on the bed talking to Jakob's sister. We're both overwhelmed and bored by the amount of people at this party, and I feel much more comfortable in this room, safe from awkward situations with party guests or parents. After a while, I notice that four skunks are coming into the zoo-room through what must be a hole in the wall behind some vines, and I know that they're not the animals that are supposed to be in that room. A little walrus comes in after the skunks and waddles around on two hind legs, trying to follow the housekeepers out the door on the end of the room opposite the glass window. Then I notice that we've talked all night and into the morning, and all the guests are starting to leave.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Escaping from some (middle eastern-ish?) school with a group of other students. We were in danger… in a street full of bombed-out, abandoned buildings, we're ambushed and attacked with dogs, grenades, and guns. We fight back – some asian teen makes Molotov cocktails out of beer bottles we find. A lot of our group is killed but we succeed in killing all the better-armed attackers when one of their rocket-propelled explosives bounces back into their position. I feel stupid because I spent the whole time trying to subdue this one dog and maybe only shot one guy with the gun I picked up off a dead body. It wasn't an intentional act of cowardice, but I was super I kind of hope nobody notices. We collect the survivors and for some reason go back to the school. Everyone is running around despite my pleas to stick together and eventually we have to leave some behind because of time. We travel through some weird, metal underground passages, above gross water --- sort of reminiscent of the end of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, but with heights and weird metal gratings we walk on. Somehow I get to a room, where the youngest male heir to the Heinz ketchup dynasty, a man in his early 30s maybe, runs a secret sex club. I end up playing a very vivid game of back-and-forth oral sex with Cathy, a friend from high school, but at the same time I'm trying to play a brand new Mega Man game. I feel bad about not just putting down the game, but I really want to get to a point where I can save. Also, I'm kind of perplexed as to why there's only 4 bad-guy boss robots in this game, but I assume once I beat them all some more will be revealed.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

My neighborhood is infested with giant ferocious warthog creatures. I'm riding a go-kart with Elizabeth on my lap after the school bus, being chased by one of these warthog guys, but when we catch up to the bus, we realize we can't bring the go-kart on it, it's too big. But we can't just leave it there. And a warthog is coming so we have to decide quick.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Everyone is graduating "college," but not me. "College" is actually a larger version of Dulaney High School --- as in, the same building but it's physically larger, the parking lot is bigger, and there's more people in there. Apparently, I dropped out last year, and am trying to come back in the middle of this year and finish out but I'm having trouble. Throughout the dream, I'm torn because part of me thinks there's no reason I need to finish "college," and that I'm embarrassing myself coming back, but for some reason I also think if I don't do it this year I will have to come back in the middle of next year. ALSO, somehow even the dumb kids who are now graduating are all really smart and I can't do shit in any of the classes—it's incomprehensible to me, it's things I've never even heard of and the more I listen to more lost I get. Eventually I just go to the parking lot, get in The Wayback Machine, and drive away. As soon as I'm out on Padonia Rd., I'm laughing about how easy it will be to avoid all those impenetrable lessons if I just never go near the school again. Then I get lost in a part of town I've driven in for about 8 years, and as I'm driving around the strangely-unfamiliar, surprisingly-convoluted, and uncharacteristically-crowded back streets of Lutherville-Timonium, I have this feeling that I'm late for something, or that I'm missing some important event.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm in a band with Kurt Cobain and a person who is both Gary Lee Barrett, Jr. and Krist Novaselic. We are at a fundamentalist Christian overnight camp that I have never seen in real life, and we're supposed to play our first show there. At a dinner, Kurt gets into a somewhat-friendly argument about religion with one of the young head counselors in charge, and we end up leaving without playing after pissing this guy off. At the height of the argument, Kurt says that the kids going to the camp are going to grow up to be Klansmen, and the counselor hints that that would be fine with him. As we leave, we all act like it's no big deal, but I think we're all secretly freaked out and a little disappointed that we didn't get to play a show we had been (for some reason) looking forward to.