Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starting a tour, playing a bunch of really old songs that hadn't practiced and could barely remember, etc. Denny Bowen was the drummer (?) and it seemed we hadn't even really talked much about it beforehand, I gave him a set list and we walked around the venue, a deep, black-box theater. I watched a snake crawl around in the grass outside, anxious, trying to remember lyrics.

Later, somebody gave me a set of small flutes. When you played them, a snake head slowly appeared from the far end. If you kept playing, the snake would come out. I was nervous about them. I played one at the apartment, though. The snake plopped onto the ground and Pierre grabbed it by the neck and started running around as fast as he could. I figured it was probably OK if Pierre wasn't scared. But then Pierre stopped running and fell over. My heart exploded. The snake slithered off.