Friday, June 1, 2012

One morning I am able to watch the entirety of a new Coen brothers movie in my mind, just by thinking about, which seems like a huge revelation. It had a great cast but the only person I can specifically remember is the actress who was the widow Garrett in Deadwood, playing a very sassy young girl at a strange school that the protagonist went to. The movie is mostly flashbacks to his time at this school, with other actors playing older versions of the same characters in the rest of the film. I am almost totally finished watching the movie when it occurs to me that it is kind of a big deal that I can see this movie without going to the movie theaters or even reading about it beforehand. I decide that I need to go to see it in the theater with a friend right away so I can verify my vividly-detailed vision. But first I have to go to work, which is in a dark restaurant that has taken over the Soundgarden storefront. The room is bisected diagonally by a bar that all the customers sit at and the kitchen and dishwashing areas are completely visible on the other side. There's some room in the back, though, with a huge heavy door leading outside that has an industrial-sized lock on it. I am the last person working this night and am kind of unsure, given how unappealing the place looks, how much I actually have to clean before I can leave. I have a vision of a girl doing my same job later on breaking the lock of the back door and not knowing what to do, and just closing it and leaving, and I do the same. I go to the house of some of my new coworkers and while surfing Youtube for stuff to listen to I discover that there's a new band with a hit song that sounds suspiciously like "Theme Song to Cex." I try to search for a video of each song to send side-by-side comparison links to Miguel and ask if we can maybe sue these guys, because I def could use the money, but while searching I realize there are tons of bands that have uploaded my song with their name-- some of them even actually photoshopping the name of their band onto the cover of the album the song is from and using that as the image while my song plays. One of my coworkers searches up a video of me playing a song from Maryland Mansions in somebody's basement. I've never seen it. I recognize the basement as being my parents' old house in Baldwin, though, and I try to remember when there was ever a show there. I vaguely recall dreaming about shows there, however. I look around and find that I have been watching youtubes with these guys in that same basement, and there's going to be a show here soon.