Saturday, May 1, 2004

Tons of people have been flown to a German orphanage. I am only here for two days, but on the day I am supposed to leave I keep refusing to look at my plane tickets even though I am worried I am going to miss my plane since I haven't looked at the tickets to see what time it departs. Late in the day, I get out the tickets and look at them--- I have 2 tickets, one is mine and one is somebody else's. I want mine to be the earlier one, but I know it is not. My departure is not for another 20-30 minutes, though, luckily, so I go to one of the ladies in charge of the orphanage and say, "I need a car to the airport, how long does it take to get there?" And she tells me that it takes 2 hours. It is the worst thing-- there are so many people here at this orphanage, and most of them have to go to the airport, and I have no idea if the airline will give me another ticket for free, because I definitely can't afford to buy a whole new ticket back to the US myself.