Saturday, March 6, 2004

It's Halloween, I'm in a large amusement park that's filled with mostly kids my age. I am looking for somebody but I am late for a show I need to play with Mark and Jason Nice Nice. It's late. I am walking through the crowded streets and eventually I get to the venue, which is a total college-rock venue--- big building, long bar at the back of the room, way-too-wide and way-too-deep chuch-hall-style stage with curtains. We get on stage and I start talking to the audience, and we start playing, when I realize I haven't hooked up any of my gear. I pick up my unplugged mixer and show it to Jason, who makes a face like, "Uh oh." I motion for them to keep playing and I begin to attempt to set up the mixer, which I am supposed to connect to a giant machine that is behind us. The machine is my instrument, and it looks kind of like the Art Factory guy's orgasm-having machine from THE HOLY MOUNTAIN. It makes a huge loud humming noise, and when my mixer is plugged into it, each channel on the mixer captures somebody's thought and loops it. I can bring up the fader on each channel to bring up the volume on each thought, but as the volume of each channel is raised, the machine emits a different hum, like the sound of a swarm of bees, or of a bunch of waves. I pull up the volume on a loop of a girl's voice talking about how much traffic there is.