Thursday, November 8, 2007

So we jump out of the plane and hover a long way above the bay. It's not noisy or destabilizing at all, it's like treading water but a little less strenuous-- you do it with your chest instead of your legs. There's five or six other people I just met (we're staying with them, we're on tour) with me-- they do this all the time but it's my first time. I start to sink a little and it suddenly occurs to me that this might be harder than they're making it seem. I yell up, "Hey, I'm kind of sinking, am I doing something wrong?" They're all nonchalant, "Oh just come back up here. Take smaller breaths." I start to feel like there's really no point to doing this if I'm just going to be anxious and all. I look down at some docks and some warehouses down below.