Saturday, November 3, 2007

I got a ride from Max to the westside, but Roby decided not to come. The westside was mostly indoors-- something like five or six square blocks of abandoned buildings had been joined together, their roofs connected. You would walk into one building and find that all the walls inside had been torn down except for the outermost walls, which had a few different doors in them. The doors would lead right into the next building. There was a bazaar-like atmosphere because a great many people were living and working all in this giant ubersquat. There were little shops set up and offices, although there weren't many walls between them. I found my friends Steve sitting at a desk working on a computer, sporting a beard I'd never seen on him before. He was glad to see me. There were merchants selling guitars and inflatable colored dogs, among other things. Some of the buildings in the ubersquat just served as alleys in between other buildings, and it seemed like no matter how many doors I went through, I still couldn't get my bearings. I was originally walking with Max and four other people I'd never met, but I lost them somehow and ended up outside again. A street urchin guy getting off of work with a group of other dudes pulled a switchblade and grinned.