Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A little guy named John follows me around crowded hallways. At first, he's just kind of weird, but a slow hostility builds in him as he continues to pursue me. No one takes any notice of the fact that when I step into the air it takes a few seconds longer than usual for me to hit the ground. Slowly, the kids filter out of the halls and I'm alone with John, in a short section of hallway that ends in two big heavy double-doors that lead into a stairwell. Without saying anything, I deliver a vicious kick that sends John face-first to the floor. After hitting the ground, he's motionless. I duck behind the double doors just as a vice-principal turns the corner and rushes to inspect John's body. I watch for a second through the doors, which are still slightly ajar, but when I turn to go down the stairs, the doors close with a loud bang and the vice principal becomes aware of my presence. I jump into the air and start swimming.