Sunday, May 2, 2004

In the center of this school, there is a part of the building that rises up and if you go to this part, the topmost level, it is made up of one large conference room with many windows. You can see the roof of the rest of the building out of the windows.

On the roof, there are lots of middle school kids advancing, trying to get into this top room. Some of them have black masks on. The class I am in is small -- maybe only 6 students and a teacher ---- and our goal is to kill all the middle school kids before they kill us. This is the class. We fight huge crowds of kids. It is kind of scary because you never know what a little kid is going to do--- they frequently surprise with their erratic and extra-vicious attacks. Equally surprising is their varying attitudes toward what they are doing---- many are justifiably hesitant, but some seem to really relish the task of trying to kill these older students and their teacher.