Sunday, February 29, 2004

Kevin, Geoff, and I are at a lavish college campus of some sort. I don't think we go there. There's a lot of summer-y activities going on, people are swimming and jet-skiing in a river. Geoff is really gung-ho to raise some hell. We're waiting in a long line of cars when I see a car deliberately drive off of a wooden bridge into the river. Then another car does it. For some reason, Geoff pulls the truck we're riding in into the water as well. All the cars in the river are floating. Geoff tells me it will be easy to get the car out of the river at night when they drain most of the river. I point out that there are security guards who will see us driving on the campus grass if we do this, but agree that it might be possible to sneak past them. After we get out of the water, we go to a Walgreen's. Geoff acts hyper. I don't think Kevin says anything at all.

Later on, I'm on a cruise. I have a room with huge cardboard boxes containing everything I own, which is mostly all my music gear. Some woman tries to move my boxes around and I tell her I need to keep them where they are. There is a girl on the boat I have to talk to because I want to marry her, but the boat is really big.