Thursday, February 19, 2004

Everyone is graduating "college," but not me. "College" is actually a larger version of Dulaney High School --- as in, the same building but it's physically larger, the parking lot is bigger, and there's more people in there. Apparently, I dropped out last year, and am trying to come back in the middle of this year and finish out but I'm having trouble. Throughout the dream, I'm torn because part of me thinks there's no reason I need to finish "college," and that I'm embarrassing myself coming back, but for some reason I also think if I don't do it this year I will have to come back in the middle of next year. ALSO, somehow even the dumb kids who are now graduating are all really smart and I can't do shit in any of the classes—it's incomprehensible to me, it's things I've never even heard of and the more I listen to more lost I get. Eventually I just go to the parking lot, get in The Wayback Machine, and drive away. As soon as I'm out on Padonia Rd., I'm laughing about how easy it will be to avoid all those impenetrable lessons if I just never go near the school again. Then I get lost in a part of town I've driven in for about 8 years, and as I'm driving around the strangely-unfamiliar, surprisingly-convoluted, and uncharacteristically-crowded back streets of Lutherville-Timonium, I have this feeling that I'm late for something, or that I'm missing some important event.