Thursday, August 28, 2008

Liz Flyntz shows me how to operate four video cameras which are stationed around a giant mansion that functions as an asylum for retarded people. I have a video screen which is squared off into four sections and I can use a joystick to pivot the cameras and turn them around. The retarded people run around and scream and seem to have fun. Somebody argues over whether or not it's OK to make a documentary about the retarded people but Liz argues that the rest of the world needs to see how they actually live in this asylum. If it's not OK for people to see it, the place probably shouldn't exist.

Some really weird bugs emerge from a plastic egg and fly onto the wall. I'm freaked out by them, they're too complicated and bright yellow to be normal bugs. Somebody squashes one of them and the other flies away.

I return to messing around with the cameras. I adjust this one, then that one, and then the next-- but then the view in the top left of the screen shrinks and shrinks and it seems the camera is falling from wherever it was stationed. The view doesn't disappear though, as I would figure it would if the camera was disconnected from its proper place. It must be wireless. It hits the ground and sits aimed up at the place where it used to be. It can see the ceiling, which none of the other cameras are able to see because they are too close to the ceiling and don't pivot that way. I imagine that the footage from the fall will most definitely be used in the final documentary, you couldn't fake a shot like that, even if it is just of a receding ceiling.