Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm back in school again, and I'm suprised how many more black kids are in this class than there usually are in the classes in my dreams.

I start talking to the teacher about a trial I was at yesterday. I think I was a witness. It was a sexual harassment case against another teacher at the school-- a science teacher. I'm having trouble remembering which teacher it was though... Mr. Miller or Mr. Schrieber? I'm worried that my lack of clarity on this point is making my whole recounting of the trial rather suspect. I'm not lying-- I was there, it's just hard to remember which teacher it was. The teacher who is asking about the trial seems very concerned--- maybe there's a witch hunt going on.

I sit down around all these kids who are talking up a storm. I try to talk to them but they don't think I'm that funny. I didn't do the homework that was due today and, thinking about it, I remember that I hardly ever do homework and that I should probably just drop down to honors english instead of fucking around with GT. I try to remember my rationale for staying in GT english-- I guess it's just because I want to be able to hang at the highest level in SOME subject, but only one. An english specialist.

The girl next to me starts being not unfriendly. She shows me her shirt, which is a light-up christmas shirt depicting an apartment building in the wintertime. I tell her I think it's pretty cool and she offers to show me something REALLY cool. Somehow she causes the image on the front of the shirt to zoom in, closer to the apartment building. The glowing neon lines that make up the apartment get bigger and new details emerge. You can see in the windows of the building, and there are animated barbie-esque dolls in there. I beg her to zoom in closer so I can see the faces of the dolls better but she says they look too scary and just pans around the building instead.