Friday, June 4, 2010

A show in a fabulous apartment complex, where all the apartments are on the first floor and linked by little patios which in turn give way to cobbled paths around tiny gardens. There are multiple sliding-glass doors which open out onto the patios in every apartment, but no windows at all above the first floor that are bigger than little slits, and the building looms large with smooth, undecorated concrete. It feels like a swank prison that people would voluntarily enter. Everyone around is in a great mood. I am, too, even though I keep pulling tiny stiff sharp wires from between my teeth. It's almost as if someone sewed my trap shut with a guitar string, weaving it in between my choppers, then snipped the string so I could open my mouth again. Also, I can jump at least 9 feet in the air and float down gracefully, so I do. I bounce around the twisting internal courtyard of this building until I finally find a set of short, fat Classical-looking columns that seem to open up into whatever exists outside of this building. Policemen shine flashlights in my direction from out there, and talk to one another in serious tones. I bounce back towards the show. Also, I saw Waz try to kiss Lexie and succeed.