Thursday, January 8, 2009

Running around this giant mansion on a very sunny day, trying to get all these palm-sized kittens collected up so we can go. My family is rolling in some kind of winnebago and I don't know why we took the kittens out but they're running all over the house. I chase a little black and white kitty into a kitchen where it goes on top of a refrigerator and hides in a small space between a cabinet and a microwave. I move the fridge and pull it out and it seems like the kittens are having tons of fun running away from me. Guys in suits with guns aren't into it, though. They chase me. They're led by a guy who looks way too much like Cheney-- it's got to be intentional. When I've got almost all the kittens, only missing one or two, Cheney gets the drop on me. I walk backwards towards the front door, and he aims his pistol and squeezes the trigger. For a moment, my adrenaline pumps and I'm ready to spring at his face-- somehow he missed. He sees my fight-or-flight and laughs and holds up the gun-- it's a cap gun. All the guns were cap guns. He laughs.