Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Middle of a tour. Show at a hotel-resort in North Carolina. It's short, it's only 5:30 PM when both bands are finished. Not a big crowd. All my merch gets wet because it gets put inside some kind of bar on top of a bunch of ice that melts over the course of the show. I'm worried that the record jackets are going to stick together when they dry and rip when I try to pull them apart.

One of the other guys on the tour comes up and asks me what I think of driving straight to the coast after load-out and taking a 7-hour ferry ride to Atlanta. "You go out into the ocean and save a bunch of time that way." I like boat rides, so I tell him I'm into it. He tells me that we might do it, there are some other factors that need to align properly if it's to go down. I wonder what they are.