Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My school and another school are participating in an art and music show being held at a big mansion in the woods. Bands are playing and art is hanging up and teachers and students from both schools are walking around getting ready for the thing to start. The mansion is about as big as a mall--- in fact, it may be this same giant mall I've visited on other nights, just relocated to the woods and stripped of all its commercial elements. Every student has a room to sleep in after the show. Other students from my school include Dan D, Kevin O, and Mark B. Some of our bands are going to play, as well as some bands from this other school, and paintings and drawings and sculpture from students of both schools were on display throughout the part of the mall-mansion near the room with a stage. That room had a familiar kind of classic blue assembly-hall carpet and those uncomfortable stackable chairs arranged in rows in front of the stage. Everyone was running around getting ready, it was kind of chaotic.

I start to feel uncomfortable in my clunky dress shoes so I spend a while looking (unsuccessfully) for this pair of And One slip-ons that I have. During my search, though, I found something else--- "blasting caps" hidden throughout one of the rooms, underneath sculptures and behind paintings. I was concerned and began intentionally eavesdropping on some of the other school's more sinister-looking teachers and discovered that many of them were packing pistols-- as well as some kind of grudge against my school. We had done something-- some kind of prank or something, I guess--- that embarassed them and they were going to actually kill us all in retribution.

I told Dan and Kevin and Mark and we all nervously tried to figure out what we might be able to do, despite being completely unarmed, to prevent our deaths. (btw, I used the phrase "blasting caps" a lot in this dream and everyone I said it to seemed to know immediately what that meant.) For some reason just out and dipping wasn't a possibility-- none of us seemed willing to forego playing the show, even though it required us to remain in this place with people who had murderous intentions towards us.

I looked for my And One slip-ons and a way to prevent the massacre of my schoolmates nervously for a while before finding D, K, & M again and letting them in on the only plan I could think of: we should get as many kids as possible to strip naked and streak through the stage area, causing a commotion that would require the teachers to go into regular disciplinary-teacher mode, trying to control us. I figured that if they pulled guns and shot us when we were obviously unarmed (and unclothed) the other kids would be way more frightened than if we waited and let them initiate whatever plan THEY had concoted to dispatch us in spite of the public setting. Before the dudes from my school could even all agree that it was the best plan, I went and found this popular fat kid from the other school and told him that I knew about his teachers' plan to murder us and that it was very possible that some of his own classmates could die, too, if there were explosions and gunplay, and that if the show was disrupted by naked kids from BOTH schools that the scheming teachers would be certain to balk and forego killing anybody in favor of more traditional forms of disciplinary action-- at least until they had control of the situation again, which (imho) spontaneous nudity could pretty easily put off for quite some time.

I woke up just as the popular fat kid from the other school was telling me whether he and his crew would streak with us, but I didn't get to hear his answer. I was drenched in my own sweat (irl, that is.)